About the Atlantic West Division

The CSP is national in scope and was formed to promote safe skiing/riding/sliding and to provide assistance to injured skiers / riders. The CSP's membership of almost 5000 patrollers provides a Canada wide, highly skilled and responsible service to the snow industry.

The funds required each year for the training of patrollers and the operation of the system are obtained by soliciting assistance from the industry, governments, the public, snow resorts, fund raising programs, and the membership fees itself.

Atlantic West Division (AWD) is one of nine divisions within the CSP across Canada. Our Division covers New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Labrador. Atlantic West currently has three zones within it`s coverage. The follow are those zones along with the mountains they patrol.

Fundy Zone which takes in Southern New Brunswick and PEI currently providing coverage at Brookvale Provincial Ski Park, Crabbe Mountain and Poley Mountain.

Labrador Zone which covers all of Labrador and currently provides coverage at Smokey Mountain and the Cross Country ski facility just outside Labrador City.

North Border Zone which covers the northern half of New Brunswick and is currently providing coverage at Mont Farlagne and Sugarloaf Provincial Park.

Our members are active year round and have provided first aid services for venues other than snow related. Some of these other activities have included outdoor festivals, mountain bike races and cycling events, concerts and 24 hr relays. Patrollers from Atlantic West Division have also provided first aid and rescue services at the Canada Winter Games when held within the coverage area of the Division.

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